I teach across a variety of English Literature modules, from first-year to Masters’ level. Below are links to those courses and projects that are online.

Supervision of final year undergraduate digital projects:

Jessica McCarthy, ed., A Hymn to the Pillory (2013)

Luke Dawson, ed., The True-Born Englishman (2014)

Alice Creswell, ed., The Castle of Otranto (2015)

Niamh Harkett, ed., May Day (2015)

Erin Brown, ed., The Historical Register for the Year 1736 (2016)

Blog sites of modules

EN5023 Gender and Eighteenth-Century Fiction

EN6058 Digital Literary Studies

Teaching Materials

Creative Commons License
All teaching materials on Manicule by Stephen H. Gregg are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Digital editing project materials: Digital editing project outline and Digital editions criteria

‘Digital exercises’ for a first-year undergraduate course introducing book history (as per ASECS ’16): Authorship and Poetry in C18th Miscellanies and the Title-page Mashup assessment item.


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