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Repositioning Defoe: new issue of Digital Defoe

The online-only journal Digital Defoe: Studies in Defoe and his Contemporaries, has just issued its latest volume entitled Repositioning Defoe. In it are articles on the ‘marriage of Roxana and Amy’ by Sarah Rasher; on optics and landscape in Robinson Crusoe by Emmanuelle Peraldo; and one by Kyle Grimes on William Hone’s 1821 rewriting of Defoe’s Jure Divino, The Right Divine of Kings to Govern Wrong! (an article that also includes his edited electronic edition of Hone’s poem: I reproduce the link here). The volume also includes an intriguing role-playing game by Peggy Schaller on the French Revolution (as a pedagogical tool) and a fascinating note by Sheldon Rogers on Defoe’s time living in Westminster and his arrest by bailiffs there in 1697. Reviews cover a recent surge of book-length studies on Defoe.